Slackers can be fabulous, too.

After many years of reflection, celebration, disappointment, and an overall need to find a new mode of self-expression, I decided to reignite a long lost steamy and forbidden love affair with writing and photography.  Not knowing exactly what my niche would be, I had an ephiphany as I was journeying to the city to observe a photo shoot a few weeks ago.  What if I documented fellow GenXers who are doing extraordinary things?  Are there GenXers like me who decided to follow their dreams, casting aside the yoke of limited career opportunities to pursue their true calling?  When I posed this question to my friend and others at the photo shoot, they all agreed that they too had similar ephiphanies and made conscious decisions to channel their time, talents and energies into activities they truly enjoyed, things that brought them profound satisfaction.

I felt compelled to respond to the constant criticism about GenXers being slackers, disengaged, cynical, etc.  I mean, you can fill in the blank with your garden variety negative, snide, snarky remark about us. Hate us, misunderstand us, but you have to admit…our generation has turned the world upside down in numerous ways, ways in which previous generations have exploited mercilessly. 

Living in the shadows of the Baby Boomer generation has proven to be quite a challenge for GenXers, who often times feel overworked, unappreciated and stifled creatively.  Many, in response, have forged their own path, deciding to follow their dreams and aspirations, thumbing their noses at conventional norms and expectations of what it means to be successful and productive members of a post-modern society, and doing very well, as a result!

I will be posting pictures of people of my generation, from all walks of life, who are doing extraordinary things in their sphere of influence.  They may be famous or they may be laboring in relative obscurity.  Either way, it gives me an opportunity to celebrate their efforts, while showcasing my growth and development as an aspiring documentary photog and blogger.  I look forward to journeying down a long and winding path to self-discovery as I take a peek behind their veils, and a glimpse into their realities.

I also welcome photo replies documenting the same – GenXers who are doing Extraordinary things in their sphere of influence. I hope that my images and words will ignite a similar passion and love for that which brings you joy, delight and a sense of purpose and meaning.