If it’s one thing Gen-Xers do well, it’s collaborate!

Link: If it’s one thing Gen-Xers do well, it’s collaborate!

On June 24, 2010, I was invited to observe a photo shoot featuring the founder/owner/creator of NYC-based Curvy Goddess Lounge, Diane Williams. A former plus-sized model turned website owner, blogger, personal trainer, motivational speaker, and all around fabulous lady, she’s developed quite a following on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook because of her fierce devotion to championing the fabulousness of plus-sized women everywhere.

Since I had my camera, I asked to capture some shots of all of behind the scenes preparations necessary to pull off the shoot.   Tony Armstrong, of Tony Armstrong Photography (http://www.tonyarmstrongphotos.com), and his team of fabulous creative professionals did a wonderful job, and from what Ms. Williams reports on her website, she was extremely pleased.  Thanks Diane for including some of my shots on your website.

For me, the experience showed what happens, time and time again, when Gen-Xers focus on teamwork and collaboration to get a job done.  Unlike our Baby Boomer predecessors, we know how to put our egos aside to accomplish a goal.  My hat goes off to Diane, Tony, Steffany, Tara and Aliza for making GenXers look good!


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