Dr. Laura Apologizes for Shocking N-Word Radio Rant

Link: Dr. Laura Apologizes for Shocking N-Word Radio Rant

What, we’re back on this garbage again?  Come on, people, we’re all intelligent reasonable beings here.  Why does this question keep coming up, over and over and over again?? I thought we answered this question already.

Out of all the words that can be said in the English language, why is it so important that non-Black people need justification or an explanation regarding why they don’t have the right to say the word “nigger”?  And why must we keep explaining to them why they can’t say it? And why does it matter what black comics say?  Do they set policy?  Can they bail us out of this dismal economic situation?  Why do white folks put so much stock into what black comics, athletes, and actors do and say anyway?? Who gives a damn!


As the self-appointed official spokesperson of the African-American race (yes, that’s right), I say this to the likes of Dr. Laura:  We’ve answered the question already, what, like 2 gazillion billion trillion times?!?!?!  Next question. You in the back.

Let’s move on to something a little bit more important than this.  Surely there’s something a bit more weighty to discuss than the abhorrent n-word.

That is all.



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