OH SNAP! A bonehead moment

I was watching the news reports yesterday while I was working, and noticed that I was standing right in front of the site of the proposed mosque and community center Tuesday afternoon! What a bonehead! I was there, and didn’t even know it!!

I remember walking around the corner from the WTC PATH station to Chambers Street to catch the A Train. I slowed down to look at the buildings across the street. I remember coming to a stop, and staring at this building, which is a funny looking beige color. I was contemplating taking some pictures of the building’s facade because it is visually striking (it used to be a Burlington Coat Factory?), and there were some people standing not too far off from where I was, pointing and looking.  But I didn’t pull out my camera, and I kept it moving.  Now that I know, I will definitely go back and snap some photos. 

It’s interesting because now it seems like NY Governor David Paterson and Archbishop Timothy Dolan  have jumped into the fray to try and broker a compromise. What the heck took these bozos so long?? Again, I’ll save my thoughts on this for another day.

So that means I need to get over there and snap some photos before the window of opportunity closes. This thing could go either way.

MORAL OF THE STORY? Don’t be a bonehead like me.  If you have a chance to do something, DO IT!  Don’t second guess yourself.


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