Slideshow (dilapidated building after Monday’s downpour), August 19, 2010

I live in Jersey City, NJ, where I rent a condo in a relatively small building.  Connected to my building is a vacant building; it’s been this way since I’ve been living here for nearly 3 years.  It’s in very bad shape, an eyesore.  Frankly, it needs to be torn down, or at the very least, completely overhauled. The windows and doors haven’t been sealed up properly, so when it rains, you can here the water dripping and sometimes pouring wherever it goes.

It’s so bad, and I imagine that the problem has persisted so long, that there are plants and trees growing out of the cracks and crevices of windows and walls.   It reminds me of the nightmare of a vacant house I lived next door to in north St. Louis City.  It’s a long story I’ll save for another day.

Anyway, when I got back home Monday, it was still raining very hard. I was walking up the stairs to my apartment and I stopped to look through the window facing this building.  I noticed the water pouring through the downspout, and thought to myself that this would make a great picture. So I doubled back (after changing into some dry clothes) and snapped some photos in black and white and in color. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Despite the obvious ugliness inherent in a dilapidated, rundown, abandoned buiding like this, I still see beauty in these photos.  It makes me wonder who lived there, and what could have happened that could have been so bad that no one bothered to take care of it anymore.


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