Are GenXers addicted to Starbucks?

The short answer?  Yes, we are.

I offer the following proof:

I took these photos on August 14, 2010 in a Starbucks near 86th and Lexington, around 9am.  After grabbing my favorite Starbucks beverage (an iced vanilla latte) and settling into a table, I pulled out my trusted camera and started snapping pictures of the scene outside the window.  And then I decided to immortalize my visit:

I took this shot after staring at the logo while sipping my drink.  I think there’s something about the Starbucks logo that is somewhat hypnotic.  What do you think? 

Hey, wake up.  Snap out of it.

I think the Starbucks logo functions as a GenX dog whistle of sorts, because I saw nothing but people my age, standing in line, waiting for their beverages, like crackheads milling about outside a crackhouse for their next hit.  When we see a Starbucks, we will stop whatever we’re doing and go right in.  We can be driving, walking, talking, breathing, whatever.  I’ve seen this happen numerous times.

Anyway, I digress.  Back to my story.

So I’m snapping away on my camera.  I noticed a snooty guy in a Mercedes get out of his grey Mercedes-Benz, double parked of course, and high-tail it into the Starbucks.  He looked okay until I noticed he was wearing the most ridiculous looking pair of knee high riding boots!  I’m serious! And, yes, he stood in line wth the rest of the addicts…What?  Did I what?  No, I didn’t take his picture.  Sorry.

And then, I noticed this:

Who brings their dog into a Starbucks?  And why is the dog peering around the counter, as if it’s looking for a comfortable place to sit for itself and its human?  This dog’s been here before.  No doubt about it.

If this is the case, then the dog’s human is to blame.  Starbucks addict.

Tell me, if you consider yourself a Starbucks addict, and what your favorite coffee drink is.

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