A GenXer Celebrates: Mad Men Wins Emmys for Best Drama and Writing for Second Year in a Row – Mad Men – AMC

Mad Men Wins Emmys for Best Drama and Writing for Second Year in a Row – Mad Men – AMC.

Congratulations AMC…well-deserved.

Winning Emmys two years in a row begs the question:  Why is this show so damn popular, particularly among GenXers?

Could it be  that we long for a more nostalgic time when men were men and women knew their place?  When blacks were nothing more than servants and Latinos and Asians weren’t even on the radar screen?  Roles were defined and people stayed in their lane? Perhaps.

Is it that Baby Boomers never really told us the “truth” about how things really were in mainstream society as it propelled toward what would be known as the Civil Rights Movement?  Perhaps the rose-colored glasses of the Baby Boomers needed to come off.  Perhaps it was time for fresh eyes and minds of some clever GenXers  (Matthew Weiner and his writing team) to take a shot at interpreting the events of the day? Maybe, maybe not.

It’s interesting, and perhaps coincidental, that Mad Men grew in popularity as Barack Obama ran for and was elected as this nation’s first African-American President. How would Don Draper feel about this if he were told that 40 something years later, America would have a black president?  There are a lot of Don Drapers still alive today and probably would have a lot to say about this. 

Perhaps, there’s nothing to look for, no reason to read between the lines.  Perhaps, GenXers just like a good drama, with attractive characters and a Everyman storyline.  Perhaps, we just like what we like.


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