Surviving Katrina: 5 Years Later

Surviving Katrina: Let the light of equality and community shine on

As I reflect on the events of  2005, I remember it as a year of profond contradictions and an important milestone in my own life as a GenXer, struggling to reconcile what I was told and taught as a young woman, and what I was learning on the ground. 

2005 was a year where bitter tears were shed for the lives that were lost. Some lives I had the pleasure of knowing; other lives were faceless, but important nonetheless.  I questioned why certain people had to lose their lives, while others were allowed to live. I would learn later why this is.

2005 was a year where I celebrated life, holding my newborn son in my arms and giving thanks for family through the good and the not so good.  I learned, later, that family is not always comprised of the people who share your genetic material.

It was a year where I learned that when the mind thinks it won over nature, nature will come back with a fury to remind us of how small and insignificant we are.  As much as we lament the collapse of the levees in New Orleans, we must also acknowledge that we have little, if any control, over the elements when they conspire to unleash their power. Water, air, earth, fire, all can consume us when we least expect it.

These candles and the black ribbon remind me that adversity, pain and struggle makes all of us stronger, and that we should never stop celebrating, loving, caring for others, and respecting the gifts of natural beauty that we’ve been entrusted to care for and preserve for future generations.

 How do you choose to remember 2005? And how does that remembrance shape who and what you are now?


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  1. storm book says:

    Great job on the site, it looks wonderful. I am going to bookmark it and will make sure to check often

    1. Thanks for stopping by.

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