No one ever said hateration was rational: The Plum Line – When will Park51 opponents denounce anti-mosque mania?

The Plum Line – When will Park51 opponents denounce anti-mosque mania?.

The short answer?  Never, or until hell freezes over.

Easy enough.  But of course, I don’t want to leave my people hanging.  I know that ya’ll know that I have more to say in response to the question posed by Greg Sargent in his post.  I always have something to say.  And I will say it.

I am particularly interested in this question because I wrote a post last week connecting the dots between the Park51 controversy, the Muslim cabbie stabbing in NYC, and Arizona‘s Papers Please law  (SB 1070).  I concluded that the only thing that will turn this thing around is the will of reasonable and thoughtful people like myself to stand up and publicly, and definitively denounce the in your face racism, bigotry and vitriol spewed by people who have legitimate concerns, but lack the courage and the presence of mind to take up their deep seated issues with those among us (Well, not really among us, per se) who control the purse strings. This is a class war designed to divide and conquer, to ensure that the masses will be agitated enough to fight over and die for the crumbs that are landing on the floor. 

The truth of the matter is, frankly, we aren’t fed up enough by the shenanigans of the Sarah Palins, the Glenn Becks, and others who get their kicks by kicking those who are already low on the totem pole. We aren’t angry enough.  And I’m not sure well meaning people will ever get angry enough.  We’re being told that we should get used to high unemployment rates so that we fight for jobs.  We’re being told that we should learn how to get by with less public transportation so that we fight for space on the bus or train.  We’re being told that we should be happy with contaminated water, food and air. 

I say enough is enough.

Mr. Sargent, as long as people are allowed to scapegoat the poor, the vulnerable, blacks, Muslims, Latinos, Asians, gays, and anyone else who is deemed different or unacceptable or an enemy of the state, there will be no denouncing of anything. Because this is what happens when people are slowly but surely deprived of those things that contribute to a positive quality of life. You get what you saw Saturday, a sentiment among white people that blacks and others are taking their country away from them.  Where I stand, this is furthest from the truth!

But again, I offer that we’re not fed up enough.

As a matter of fact, things are going to get worse before they get better.  You’ve heard it here first.  Here’s why I feel this way:

We’re talking about people who control the nation’s wealth and have no intentions of being fair-minded about how their greed and indifference are slowly choking the life out of America‘s middle class. They are going to do whatever it takes to divert our attention away from the real truth of the matter: our economy is dying a slow and painful death because big business came along and stuck a knife in our economy’s juglar vein and no one can stop the bleeding.  Once the bleeding stops and the wounds are stitched up, we’ll look around and find out that there’s not much any of us can do to revive it. 

The ruling class owns all of the marbles, and they want the only 2 that they can’t have. And they will do practically anything to get it, including plant seeds of hate and divisiveness in the minds of those who are least likely to be rational and reasonable…the same people who will arm themselves with automatic weapons and bombs, and resort to intimidation tactics like burning crosses on lawns. 

Park51, the Papers Please law, the stabbing of Mr. Sharif, and now the Mur”frees”boro (how ironic) case are knee-jerk reactions to a deeper pain.  Plust they are all indicators that tell me that tactics of America’s ruling class are working.  To expect racists and desperate people to behave rationally is a pipe dream.  To sit back and wait for bigots to come to their senses is insanity.  And what do we know about insanity? We know that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is what keeps getting us into collective hot water over and over again. 

Mr. Sargent, you seem like a reasonable guy, but with all due respect, what you’re asking is a well-meaning question, but I must say, in the words of En Vogue, “No, You’re Never Gonna Get It.”


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