GASP!!! The Shocking True Meaning Of Red Lipstick

Hot Lips. Image via Wikipedia


 SEE – Edmonton Sex – My Messy Bedroom – The Shocking True Meaning Of Red Lipstick

or, “Who knew that cosmetics are designed to make you look like you’re having an orgasm?” 

Who knew that full lips painted with red lipstick had so much power? And could create such a stir in my Twitter timeline today? 

Aren’t there more important things to be tweeting about? 

Apparently not. 

I had an interesting exchange with a few of my Twitter friends earlier today.  A flurry of tweets went back and forth, stemming from a decision I made last night to take down my Twitter avatar, a close-up of my lips and nothing else.  Many, many tweets were exchanged over the course of the day, basically a lobby of sorts, to convince me to put the picture of my lips back up. 

Funny, right?  Being the curious truthseeker that I am, I asked myself a question:  What’s the big deal about men and red lipstick?   

I dived into cyberspace to find an answer. 

Boy, what I learned actually made me blush a little bit. And it takes a lot for me to blush.  The basic gist of the article suggests that we go to great lengths to paint our eyes and lips, wear certain types of clothing to accentuate our necks or waists, and wear fragrances, for the sole purpose of  getting laid


Regarding lipstick, the act of painting our lips red signals that we are sexually aroused and/or willing to perform certain kinds of sexual favors for a man.  Yeah, that.  And what man isn’t down for a BJ?? 

Yeah, that’s what I thought. 

So as much as folks wanna try and be evasive and vague about it, those guys had only one thing on their mind.  

So for now, I’ll go along with the game. And I’ll keep wearing my red lipstick.  Let ’em think what they want. 


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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    someone else is using your avi on twitter @baselessxbenign

    1. Okay, that’s great! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they say.

  2. themofman says:

    For me, they don’t have to be red or have any lipstick on at all. They need to be soft, feminine, really close by and beckonning me to kiss them. Most importantly, they have to . . . have to . . . have to belong to my wife.

  3. Point Dexter says:

    It’s a scientific fact that when a woman gets aroused her blood pressure rises, pumping blood to the thin membranes of her lips. After centuries of men reacting to this female sign of desire. Someone got the great idea of imitating this effect with red lipstick. From Cleopatra to Scarlett Johansen, It’s worked for centuries.

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