Why Should We Care About the Man Behind The Ground Zero Mosque?

Who Is The Man Behind The Ground Zero Mosque? « CBS New York- News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of NY.

In my quest to figure out what I write about today, I came across this story from the CBS New York website.

I read it, and re-read it, and read it again.

I thought about the question, “Who is the man behind the Ground Zero Mosque?” and how I would go about crafting a post.

I talked it over with my team of consultants in the war room (okay, I talked it over with myself at my desk). 

And I finally came up with my conclusion….We are putting the cart before the horse here.

Let me walk you through my rationale.  Listen carefully, because I’ll only explain one time.

Look.  We had Mayor Bloomberg speak out in favor of the mosque.  Orrin Hatch has also come out in favor of the mosque.  Why?  Because it’s their constitutional right to build a place of worship within local zoning and development regulations.  Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that the developers have to be saints.  If that was the case, the Founding Fathers definitely would have been in clear violation, given the fact that they used free labor to build many of the monuments that we hold dear today. 

Yep.  I said it.   And I’m just getting started. 

Also, if this is a matter of national security, where are the federal agencies on this matter?  Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Central Intelligence Agency, etc., etc. I haven’t heard a peep out of them.  As far I know, it’s not a federal crime to develop an Islamic community center, and it certainly isn’t a Federal crime to be a waiter with financial connections.  If a crime had been committed, then one of these agencies would have been all over this by now. 

Now,  I didn’t know that it was common practice to try and convict developers of private property in the court of public opinion.  Yes, I understand that Mr. El-Gamal has an extensive arrest record, possibly an anger management problem and issues recounting the truth. But the truth of the matter is, his arrest record does not point to a history of terrorism or a history of fnancing shoddy development projects that caused harm to the public.  So all of the blathering about his criminal record is irrelevant. He probably needs to get some therapy, though. Besides, Donald Trump has an anger management problem, and he gets to do whatever he wants!

What?  Did you say something?  Oh, I get it.  Because this is a matter of sensitivity to the families who lost loved ones on September 11th, we have to make an exception.  Again. If we make an exception in this case, we are opening up a serious can of worms. I, for one, don’t think any of us would welcome the unwarranted scrutiny into our collective pasts just because we were funding or developing a controversial project.  No one gets the right to tell others what to do because they don’t like what is being done.  There are channels, mechanisms, infrastructure, agencies for that.  Let them do their job. 

Now.  If the City of New York has a problem with Mr. El-Gamal, then allow the process to play itself out.  If he’s found to be unfit and unqualified to develop this project, let that be because the objective evaluation process found him to be, not because we want him or wish him to be unfit. And then you can rub it in all you want.  Until then, we have to wait. And see.

 And stop all the blubbery, already.  It’s getting pretty old.  Here’s a tissue.


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