The Legacy of Twitter: Hashtag Hell?

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I’ve had the distinct pleasure of watching Twitter evolve over the last few years.  One of the things my twitter friends and I would do for fun is create bizarre and hilarious hashtags

But now, it’s not funny anymore.   Why?  I feel that Twitter was devolving into a wasteland of useless, crass and unfunny hashtags. For those of you who still live under a rock and use a typewriter, a hashtag (#”Word” or #”seriesofwords”) is a way for people to publicly search your tweets, or short Twitter messages.  It also unites you with a group of tweeps in your timeline who share similar experiences, etc. For instance, a group of us tweeps use the #teamnyc hashtag because we get down like that.  No, we’re not a gang or anything….

Anyway, if you craft a public tweet about ice cream, for example, you would add a hashtag somewhere in the body of the tweet.  Example:  “I love #haagendazs #icecream, especially in French Vanilla.”  This would enable someone to search and find your tweet about Haagen Dazs ice cream.

And if your tweets were interesting or provocative enough, maybe someone would decide to follow you as a result.

Mmmmm.  Some ice cream would sure be nice right now……with some chocolate syrup, nuts and whipped cream.  Maybe a sundae perhaps?

Anyway, I digress.  :-/

I think the hashtag mechanism was a great idea in someone’s head, and no one thought through the long-range implications.  For example….what inevitably happens when men and women talk?  The conversation will most certainly turn to sex and body parts.  So now, my Twitter timeline has been polluted with hashtags singing praises to thongs, breasts, and other body parts that I won’t discuss here.  You get the picture. Some people have gone so far to associate certain body parts with days of the week, and post pictures to further emphasize their devotion to the cause.

Really.  Is all this necessary?

I mean, what is it that they say:  Everything you do on the Internet leaves a trail?  If that’s the case, what are subsequent generations going to say about our hashtag obsession 50 years from now?  More importantly, what are they going to say about our social networking and blogging compulsions?

I conclude the following:  we’re all a bunch of narcissistic losers.  I just hope that it can’t get any worse than #thongthursday.

PS:  If you really want to get an idea of which Twitter hashtags are popular, go to  If you’re on Twitter, you can follow if you really want to drill down and have nothing but time on your hands.

#goodluck.  And go get me a sundae while you’re at it. And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter:  @nycgirlygirl72 (yes, a shameless plug).

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