Today’s Saturday PSA: You Swear Too Much

Schoolhouse Rock!
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 In honor of the Saturday morning tradition of watching cartoons and (if you’re a GenXer) Schoolhouse Rock segments, I thought I’d try a grown-folks version of Schoolhouse Rock. 

Yes.  That’s right.  You may have mastered the ability to read and count and conjugate verbs. You know the difference between an adverb and an adjective.  You know how bills become law.  But despite that, you swear and cuss like a stranded pirate. And all that knowledge means nothing if the most intelligent thing you can say is sh**, damn, mother f*****. 

You need to stop.  You’re addicted to it.  It feels good.  But you have to stop.  Right now.  But I have something that may help you.  Check it out. 

Video: Swearing is a lazy way to express rage or frustration, and you need to stop. 

Yesterday, a buddy and I were discussing something totally unrelated and during our conversation, he mentioned that he cussed like a sailor.  

GenXers love to swear and cuss.  Four-letter tirades are par for the course for us.  There is nothing off-limits.  For example: 

  1. Someone cuts us off in traffic?  We cuss.
  2. Our favorite sports team scores a touchdown, basket, home run, goal, etc.?We cuss.
  3. The deli ran out of our favorite bagel?  We cuss.
  4. We’re late for an appointment?  We cuss.
  5. The alarm goes off? We cuss.

It’s gotten so bad that we think nothing of unleashing a verbally profane beatdown on loved ones, friends, co-workers, service workers, doctors….the list goes on and on.  The madness must stop. 

Well, I’m here because I don’t want to be part of the problem.  I want to be a part of the solution.  So get your f****** a** in gear and watch the f****** video! 

Now…where is that video on how to get rid of bedbugs? 

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