Again, Art Imitates Life: NYC street artist uses bedbugs for art

 Art Imitates Life….Again.


 Photo of the day: NYC street artist uses bedbugs for art | Own This City | Time Out New York

Hmmm. I have to be honest.  When I saw this in my Twitter timeline, I was thinking, what did this person do, collect a gazillion bedbugs and make a bedbug sculpture? Nasty!!

To my relief, that wasn’t the case. 

If I was writing the caption for this photo, I would say that the artist was inspired by bedbugs…he didn’t actually use them, per se. 

But we get the point.  Bedbugs have taken over.  And in a country as developed and advanced by us, wouldn’t it be ironic if the bedbugs were the very thing that took us down?

Not Muslim terrorist extremists.

Not gays.

Not blacks.

Not post-modern women and their feminist ideology.

Not homewreckers or those who don’t espouse “family values.”

Not liberals.

Not conservatives.

But freakin bedbugs!!  They’ve taken over!! They’re everywhere!  And we can’t get rid of them!

That’s some funny ass shit.

One more thing:  I wonder if the actual mattress was infested by bedbugs?  *gets the heebie-jeebies*


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