Photos and Final Thoughts on My “In My ‘Hood” Photo Set

 So I’ve been posting a series of 30 shots I took of people, places and things in and around my neighborhood.  I live in Jersey City‘s (NJ) west side, in the Bergen/Lafayette/Greenville sections (depending on who you ask).  It’s not the most glamorous part of town, but it has a lot of character, and the people have love for their community and their neighbors.  We may not see it, or understand it, but it’s there.  

(c) 2010 Mom of Three Photography, all rights reserved


 I hope you’ve enjoyed viewing my photos as much as I enjoyed taking them and sharing them with you. 

(c) 2010 Mom of Three Photography, all rights reserved


 Row of brownstones on Bramhall between MLK Drive and Ocean Ave.  The “Feed the Hungry“shot was taken right across the street. The sign is posted on the gate of a neighborhood church. There are a lot of churches in my neighborhood.  Counted something like a dozen or more along the route that was taken.  Wow.  Raises a lot of questions that deserve some answers, but I won’t get into those here. 

(c) 2010 Mom of Three Photography, all rights reserved


 This steeple (of yet another church) caught me eye, so I captured the shot. The steeple is in the background of the brownstone shot if you look closely. 

(c) 2010 Mom of Three Photography, all rights reserved


 I found this sign interesting…Hmmm….who wants to park in front of a funeral home anyway?  Kinda creepy if you ask me. 

(c) 2010 Mom of Three Photography, all rights reserved


 This is a shot of a mailbox in front of a shuttered church (yes, another church).  What was interesting about this section of the neighborhood was the preponderance of cobblestone sidewalks.  Usually you find cobblestone streets, but not here.  

(c) 2010 Mom of Three Photography, all rights reserved


 This is one of the strangest trees I’ve ever come across in my life. The creeping vines, the lack of branches, all that.  I wonder how it got that way. 

(c) 2010 Mom of Three Photography, all rights reserved


 What I noticed while I was walking around is that children and young people ache for attention.  And it’s apparent that we don’t give our kids enough of it.  It’s evidenced by the graffiti, and by the attention I got from having my camera on my shoulder.  I think about the young men who were shooting baskets at the park….and how they seemed to turn it up a notch when they noticed me snapping pictures. I encountered a young lady sitting in the park who didn’t pay me any mind until she noticed I was taking pictures of the boys on the court. 

She made it her business to yell her questions to me from across the park, and then, when she figured out that it was impractical to shout back and forth, she came over.  She mentioned she was turning 21 and wanted a portfolio of portraits and was I a professional photographer.  I replied that I didn’t do portraits and I myself was working on my own portfolio and that I focused on street photography.  Now that I look back on that, I should have taken a candid. Maybe that’s what she wanted all along. 

(c) 2010 Mom of Three Photography, all rights reserved


This was my final shot of the evening.  Walking down Ocean Avenue back to my place, these gargoyles on a church caught my eye.  Sunday night, on Labor Day weekend, on Ocean Avenue, meant that everyone was out walking up and down the street, popping in and out of bodegas, greeting each other, while traffic zoomed by. 

Just another day in my ‘hood….. 

If you are interested in me coming to your neighborhood to take some photos (and you live in the NYC area), shoot me an email with details on where you live and why your neighborhood should be featured. 

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  1. funny says:

    Great Post! Follow me on Twitter @ bernardway, i do follow back

    1. Thanks, I appreciate that. I will look you up on twitter. I’m @nycgirlygirl….so you don’t ignore me when I send a request. 🙂

  2. B.C. says:

    Thanks for the unique views of Jersey City. I only know so much about J City, so you’ve definitely given me a different view from your vantage point.

    1. Hi there, thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the warm feedback, and the opportunity to share a glimpse of my community as I see it.

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