A Wack Ass Wednesday Exclusive….When Lions Attack and Other Dumb Stuff!

So I’m sitting here watching the Rick Sanchez show on CNN and suddenly, out of the sky, blog manna falls from heaven!!!

Come on down..you’re the first Wack Wednesday contestant. *applause* Why are you here, you ask? Well, what I want to know is, do people have to go to lion-handling school?  Is there a degree program for that?  If so, did you forget the most important lesson…to never stare down the King of the Jungle? You’re lucky that the Lioness was in a nice mood today and tried to pull her man off ya.  Dumbass. 


Courtesy cnn.com

Now to the next Wack Wednesday contestant:  The robber who forgot to put his mask on!  What the hell were you thinking? Again, what are they teaching criminals these days? Did you go to bank robbing class?  Dummy, the banks have cameras. Everywhere. Yes, *even there.*  So now, it’s only a matter of time before the FBI catches your ass.  We all know what you look like.  Maybe you should have put off the heist of the century until you reviewed your notes from class.  Dumbass.


A warning to the wise. I’m watching you, and if I catch you doing something dumb…I’m gonna shout you out. I will embarrass you.

Now class dismissed! *Slaps ruler on desk*


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  1. great…

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