Now Playing…Dj Jazzy Jeff Presents…My Fav’s Vol 1

DJ Jazzy Jeff in Cambridge, England on May 25,...
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If you are a GenXer, you were living under a very big rock if you said you never heard of DJ Jazzy Jeff.

I mean, you know who Will Smith is, right? The Fresh Prince would have been the wack prince if it wasn’t for Jazz back in the day.

So raise your hand if you have no idea of who I’m talking about. Okay, I see you. Now go listen to this.

Study this podcast like your life depended on it. Because there will be a test. And when you finish with that, go cop that Summertime mixtape he did with Mick Boogie

When you finish, expect your life to be radically transformed. But don’t get  carried away with that dancing that I saw you do last week at the spot. That was wack.


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  1. AnTiViRuS says:

    keep it real, iight

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