One must be a lonely number, Rev. Jones: Even pastor’s old church condemns Quran-burning | The Upshot Yahoo! News – Yahoo! News

So who else is gonna come out against the planned Qur’an burning?  Place your bets now.

Wait a minute….*someone whispers in my ear*

Who’s that?

Courtesy Associated Press via

Oh.  I stand corrected.  Rev. Wayne Sapp has been an outspoken voice of support for his friend and colleague, Rev. 

Terry Jones.  Jones stands firmly in the face of mounting criticism in plan to press forward with the International Burn a Qur’an Day this coming Saturday, September 11, 2010.

Roll the video (please note that this video was made earlier this summer)!

And his justification for what has amounted to be a two-man crusade?

“We’re Christians.”

I can’t make this stuff up, people.  Here’s a taste of what we’re dealing with here:

“Being Christian does not mean you go to church. Being Christian does not mean you believe in God. Being Christian means you are Christ-like, or at least attempting to go in that direction,” he says. “And Jesus, the Christ, he was sent — he appeared — to destroy the works of the Devil. So that’s what we’re gonna do.”

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