Rev. Terry Jones has a Missouri Connection? Should’ve Known…

“Quran-burning” Fla. pastor is Cape Girardeau native, ex-classmate of Rush Limbaugh

Courtesy via St Louis Post-Dispatch website


I had to chuckle at this…because I used to live in St. Louis, Missouri for over seven years.  Being a Chicago native, St. Louis seemed harmless enough when the decision was made to move there.  Boy, I was wrong!!  By the time I left to move to the NYC area, I felt like I had been living in what hell would look and feel like if hell was on earth.  It’s hard to explain it, but I will say that if you are not from Missouri, you will be constantly reminded that you’re a loser and don’t belong.  As far as I was concerned, I was glad to leave….never to return.  Now, before you Missourians jump on me to say that Cape Girardeau is nowhere near St. Louis, relax. I know that.  Don’t get your knickers all in a twist.

 And to be completely fair, I’ll admit that I have family members who live throughout the state too.

 Since I’m on the subject, I have to ask:  What the heck do Missourians have a chip on their shoulder?  Why do we have to show you anything?  What, you are that skeptical about *everything?* Wow.

But you have to wonder…what are they teaching people down in the Bootheel? Apparently, he didn’t master the lesson on tolerating people who are different from him. Or maybe they don’t even teach that stuff down there. I could be wrong about this. If I am, please let me know.

 But what I will say is that everything wrong with America always has a Missouri connection.  You disagree? 

 Rush Limbaugh?  Something is wrong with that guy.  Seriously.

Fried ravioli? Uh, no. That’s not natural.Imo’s Pizza? Uh, no. That provel cheese and that saltine cracker crust is not natural.

 But anyway….the Rev. Terry Jones has dominated the airwaves, Internet and blogosphere with his half-baked schemes and inflammatory rhetoric. Questions abounded in regard to whether he would carry out his plan to burn the Qur’an tomorrow, September 11th, the day when Muslim extremists attacked America.  Will he, or won’t he? Yesterday he said he wouldn’t. And the world sighed in relief. Today? Well that’s another story.

Seems like this guy can’t figure out what he wants to do. What *I* want him to do? Please go away. Forever.


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