The Rev. Terry Jones: Never Give Up Hope.

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I woke up this morning to news alerts declaring that the Rev. Terry Jones has definitively decided to not burn Qur’ans “today, not ever.” 

Now I don’t know how you feel about this.  And I don’t know what may ensue today, tomorrow, or next week. He may change his mind again.  Who knows? 

But I feel like this is an example of how people’s minds can be changed for the better.  Someone spoke to his mind and his heart, more importantly, and talked him down from the proverbial ledge.  I don’t know who changed his mind, and frankly, is it important to know who and when all the time?  The important thing to consider is that we’re witnessing a breakthrough.  Those of you who are spiritually inclined will understand what I’m talking about.  My God moves in mysterious ways…you may not understand this or balk at what I’m saying , but it’s true.  



What are the lessons in all of this for me? 

Lesson #1:  That an eye for an eye doesn’t work.  Sometimes we have to rise above primitive urges to avenge our grievances and take the high road to solving our problems.  If Rev. Jones had gone forward with his plans, things might have turned out a whole lot worse.  And as we saw, there were a lot of other folks on the ready to carry out similar plans.  

Now we don’t know if these “copycats” will go through with their plans.  And maybe they will.  Time will tell. 

Lesson #2:  That it’s important to tell the truth.  All. The.  Time.  If you’re angry, own that.  If you’re sad, own that.  If you feel betrayed, own that. But don’t hide behind bravado and lies and words and actions that will do nothing but make a bad situation worse. 

Lesson #3:  Don’t drop the ball thinking that potential problems will go away.  They won’t, and as we saw this past week, they can only get worse and harder to solve.  The Obama administration and the media need to get a better handle on these situations as they present themselves, and stop waiting for the other to determine if they’re newsworthy.  In this case, I will argue that Rev. Terry Jones was not just an attention-seeking quack from Florida, he represented many Americans who feel some kind of way about Islam, Muslims, people who are different from them, and the fact that the America they have come to love is changing in ways they can’t adjust to.  

And no one is helping them adjust.  We have got to do better, America.  We can’t keep living in silos.  We can’t keep burying our heads in the sand, hoping that someone else will change, rationalizing that we’re okay and we don’t need to change. 

The bunker mentality in our own country is going to be our collective undoing if we continue to refuse to reach out to one another to try to understand, forgive and grow together.  

People all over the world are watching, and frankly, they see America as a big hypocrite.  We idealize a lot of things, we ostensibly trot our principles out on display, we preach a lot of things, we expect a lot of things from other countries, but we don’t expect much from ourselves.  

As a matter of fact, those things that were promised to us, those things that people fought and died for, and that should just make good common sense, i.e., fairness, equal justice under the law, respect for other people’s right to be difference, are not afforded to all Americans, for what ever reason.  No one deserves to be judged before they even have a chance to do anything right or wrong, for that matter. 

And that’s not good.  


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  1. coldequation says:

    What a bunch of bullshit. Jones backed off because his life was going to be ruined. He received hundreds of death threats, got a six figure bill for “security” that he didn’t ask for from the police (for doing their job), and is probably going to lose his church property. That’s why he backed down. The trivial lesson here is that if you put tremendous pressure on somebody, he’ll probably back down. Kind of the opposite of “an eye for an eye doesn’t work.” How about “Make death threats to get what you want?”

    1. And hello to you, Mr. Cold Equation. I love when people I don’t know come at me with an opening sentence like, “What a bunch of bullshit.” I don’t know you from the man on the moon, and when I don’t know people, I try to be polite.

      Now before I rip into your rude ass comment, let me say this. This is my blog, and I don’t take kindly to rudeness and incivility. I’m sure your mother raised you better than that. Or maybe you raised by a pack of wolves…I don’t know. And I really don’t give a fuck.

      See, I’m a bit of a pessimist like you, but I’m learning to try to see the good in people, even assholes like yourself. But since you want to go there, I’m happy to go there with you.

      Neither one of us knows for certain why Rev. Jones backed off. Both of us are free to speculate the reasons why he did. Your theories hold no more water than mine. So you need to get that chip off your shoulder, for real. If you want to have a civil discussion, I’m willing and able to do that. But at the rate you’re going, I don’t think you know how.

      So let me help you. What we do know for certain is that he was receiving death threats well before he made the decision to not go through with his plans. That was well-documented. Also, what is known and well documented about Rev. Jones is that the mortgage and insurance on his church property were pulled before his decision as well. But that didn’t deter him either until the news broke Saturday that he would not burn any Qur’ans that day or ever.

      Now, it seems to me that you have some deep-seated problems with certain groups of people. That is not my problem or my concern. I’m going to advise you nicely to keep that shit at your house. Don’t bring that mess over here to mine. You’re free to dislike or hate anyone you want. But you are not free to vomit over in my pool.

      You’ve been warned. Now run and tell your friends. Don’t fuck with me.

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