Sometimes when you’re good at something, you should stick to it.



Okay I’m kinda pissed that ate up my commentary when I dropped the above image into this post. 

The original post read as follows:
I am learning a very important lesson, right now, at this very moment.  So because of this, I am not going to do things I do not want to do for whatever reason.  No reason is noble if your heart isn’t in it.
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  1. Alicia says:

    I may be stealing this post. Why does it make me feel like it is okay to just do and be?? I have never felt more at this moment the stifling conformity I have lived. What a freeing post! Either that or I am just desperate for someone to make it okay to do something that does have my heart in it. My gosh, I have a million questions to ponder all of sudden.
    You’d think I was drunk right now…but, every now and then it’s good to have babbly comment!
    Thanks for the stir of emotions…feels good.

    1. Sometimes the simplest things are not so simple. And when someone drops a bomb on me, sometimes I have to go away by myself and think really hard about what it was I heard, what I thought I heard, and what I need to do as a result of what I was told. It works for me, but I realize it doesn’t work for everyone. So if you need to babble, you have a place here to do just that and know that you’re being heard. You’ll have that breakthrough soon enough. I remember the day I had mine….October 15, 2008..exactly 30 days after my 36th birthday. And after I realized that I needed to stop conforming because I was miserable, the house of cards came tumbling down…but it was so liberating afterwards! It is okay to do and be, as long as you’re happy and comfortable with what and how you do and be for yourself. It doesn’t matter what other people think. The ones who aren’t comfortable with the you that you’ll become are the same people who have a vested interest in holding you back. And often times those reasons are selfish and self-centered. The reason why freedom feels so good is because you’re actually lighter from not having to carry around so many people’s expectations. Only yours.

      So let me get off my soapbox…your turn.

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