The Way I See It Today: The World Has Gone Stark Raving Mad. That Is All.

I never thought I would write something in this vein, but I felt I had to.  I can’t take it anymore. 

 After reading The Village Voice article penned by Steven Thrasher and entitled “White America Has Lost Its Mind,” and all 200+ comments, I have come to the conclusion that the entire world has lost its collective mind.

And there’s nothing that can help us get it back.

Yes, people, we’re screwed. 

We’ve got Blacks screaming at White folk.

White folks railing against non-Whites.

Gays hollerin’ at straight folks.

Straight folk condemning gay folk.

Christians attacking Muslims.

Muslims burning American flags.

The rich looking down on the poor.

The poor cursing the rich.

This shit is crazy.  I’ve never seen anything like it.

Everyone has something to say, but no one is listening. 

More troubling, is this:  If the solution to all of our problems hurtled to the Earth, no one would hear it crash, and we would all die as a result of ignoring it. We would be too busy arguing and back biting and debating and pontificating to even care about saving our own collective asses.

Shut the fuck up already!  Damn! 

Why is it so important that we all be heard?  Whatever happened to having a civil conversation, where, let’s see, I talk, you listen, then you talk, and I listen, and we come to a shared understanding about what the issue may be?Oh yeah, we’re all mind readers and know exactly what someone is going to say before he or she says it.  NOPE – WRONG ANSWER. 

 Why do people think that their problems are somehow more important, more pressing that the problems of other people’s?  News flash:  Frankly, no one gives a shit.   

See, I learned a lot from being married (oh yeah, people don’t wanna do that anymore, because it’s too hard and it requires actually listening to someone else that you may or may not respect).  I learned that it actually requires you to shut your trap up and listen for a change, to exhibit some sensitivity and empathy for someone else’s point of view. 

But I’m learning very quickly that most people aren’t that mature.  That’s why most people rather not get married.

Nothing’s worse in a marriage if you have one person who does all the talking.  Why?  Because chances are, that person isn’t doing any of the listening.  And that sucks if you aren’t being heard.  It sucks even more when you’re the perpetual gabber, and don’t see the signs when the person you’ve talked to death decides to leave your ass because they’re tired of listening to your endless yapping.

And if marriage is a microcosm of larger society, then I see why we as a society are miserable.  I would venture a guess that all the blathering we’re hearing in the public sphere is from the people in relationships who weren’t heard by their partners and find it necessary to dump on the rest of us.

The problem is this:  No one wants to take the time to listen, they are too busy in their own heads, working on a response to what it is you’re saying.  And that response is so far afield that it doesn’t even begin to address what you actually said, because, dammit, you weren’t listening again!

How frustrating is that?!?!?

And if you’re subjected to that all your miserable life, I can see why someone would lose their freaking mind. Everyone’s living in their own heads, as Mr. Thrasher said, and no one bothers to actually look around, listen and process what it is they hear and see because maybe it just doesn’t jibe with what it is they need to believe.

And on a grand scale, if this is going on, as I believe it is, I stand my assertion that we’re all doomed and we’re all gonna die. 

At least we’ll all be shouting and carrying on when it happens.

It’ll be painless.


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  1. Cherie says:

    Tish, I think you, like most of us, slept through history class. And who could blame us? Remember how Mr. Stick-Up used to talk? LOL

    This has been going on for centuries. Mankind has a certifiable need to conquer, and it has often amazed me that in doing so, we can also be so violent, destructive, and full of hate.

    Is the answer to listen? I don’t know. I’m of the opinion that even if we did, it wouldn’t be good enough for those intent on talking, because they really do enjoy the sounds of their own voices.

    Is it any wonder we seek solitude?

    Can I join you on your photo-jaunt?

    1. Yeah, there’s plenty of room, come along. You have to bring your own camera, copyright issues and all.

      But seriously, are you suggesting that the new way for man to conquer is to talk all of us to death? I think it’s working…because I’m dying a slow painful death listening to all of the idiots droning on and on….

  2. Cherie says:

    Okay, but my camera is the store-bought throw away kind, and I invariably get my thumb in the picture. I’d rather just watch you point and shoot, since you’ve demonstrated quite efficiently on this blog that you know how it’s done. The best part? We don’t even need to talk!

    As for what I meant…hmmmm…yeah, I guess that’s one way to look at it. I’ve often had to pinch myself awake through hours of tedious boardroom meetings. You know the ones, right? So much talk that at the end, you have no idea if anything has been accomplished. Zzzzzzzzzzzz!

    Maybe it’s a two-parter: we listen to the things that interest us, then we arm ourselves with the knowledge to either refute it, believe it, or ignore it. As we learned in junior high, ipsa scientia potestas est.

    1. Cherie, wow, you went back to Junior High. Latin class and Ms. Bloom made a profound impression on our academic experience….lol

      What’s interesting about your commentary is the juxtaposition of what we were taught as young people (to puruse knowledge, to question, to test and challenge our assumptions) against the reality of the day, which seems hell bent on accepting the status quo, no matter how loud and angry and irrational it is.

      Oh and thanks for noting my ability to efficiently get the shot. Sometimes I nail it, sometimes I don’t. But in the end, it’s the journey that is most fulfilling. It’s better to try and fail than to not try at all.

  3. The world has gone crazy, in part because intellectual rigor is an afterthought in today’s society. I think that’s the root cause of all our problems. Add into that a lack of civility, and you have our modern milieu. In American discourse in particular, the concept of compromise — which requires discussion and rational thought — is all but gone as a result. Today, it’s all about how loud you can yell and what you can say that translates into a “soundbite” because we’ve — collectively — been dumbed down so much.

    1. Hi Genius Unrestrained, thanks for stopping by. Nice to add your voice to the discourse. YOu can guarantee that there won’t be any hollerin’ and screaming on my blog, unless we’re doing it for a good cause. Like you or I win the lottery or something….LOL

      At any rate, all the points you laid out in your comment are points that Charles Pierce makes in his book Idiot America. I highly recommend it if you haven’t read it yet.

      As you know, I try to bring a GenX spin to whatever I post. So, I was thinking about your comment and wondering how does this all impact the GenX point of view?

      Well, in my opinion, what’s happening in the public sphere as you and Pierce describe it flies in the face of the values instilled in GenXers, to pursue knowledge and wisdom through formal education. We were taught to be reasonable, to debate issues in the Western tradition, being mindful of the attendant rules and norms. As a result, we’re known as the “most educated” generation. More of us have completed undergraduate and graduate study than Baby Boomers and preceding generations, and this is in part because our forebears have pushed us to do so. We get a lot done. For the most part, we are expected to approach real-world problems with the same intellectual detachment and rigor , while the rest of the world gets a pass. Now, of course, there are exceptions to the rule…but we all know and understand this.

      So I find the current state of affairs highly unsettling because it flies in the face of what we’ve been taught all these years. I thought we were supposed to, like you said, use reason, compromise and civility to work out our differences, to resolve problems.

      But all we’re exposed to is a lot of yelling and screaming and anger, but nothing is getting done. People are frustrated and more than likely, feel a bit impotent in the face of all this vitriol. I know I do. I feel like, what’s the point of trying to be reasonable with folks when all they’re gonna do is resort to name-calling and screaming because they don’t necessarily agree with my point of view?


      At this point, I’m imagining that many young Millenials and others are looking at us, wondering, *what’s the point of going to college? All they do is get their degrees and try to force the rest of us to be like them. And they act like crazy people despite their degrees.*

      To be honest, if I were on the outside looking in, I’d feel the same way.

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