Photo: In My ‘Hood (Daddy and Daughter After School)

©2010 Mom of Three Photography, all rights reserved

After leaving the grocery store, I made my way home (for real this time).  As I crossed Claremont Avenue and headed down MLK Drive, I noticed this man and little girl.  I’m gonna assume that the man was the father and the girl was his daughter.  The affection between the two of them was very obvious and very touching, so I fumbled around to grab the camera.  The stupid strap got caught underneath my back pack, but I was able to free it up, aim the camera and get a shot of them holding hands (notice how she pulls her hand close to her body).  This, by the way, is my favorite shot from yesterday.

That’s something that I love to see in my ‘hood. 

And another thing:  All ya’ll who think that black men don’t love their kids can get the middle finger.  Mine. Both of them.

That is all.

Daddy-Daughter Day: Barack And Sasha Watch WNBA On Sunday (PHOTOS) (


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