Photo: Fruit Stand in Brooklyn (Taken September 14, 2010)


This is one of those photos that I felt I couldn’t keep hidden, but I was struggling to try to figure out how to make it work visually.

I shot it in color, but as I was reviewing it, I realized that the bright yellow bus in the background needed to be played down a bit. 

I wanted to keep the focus on the man and de-emphasize the yellow bus, so I converted it to black and white and did some minor edits in Lightroom

Now I’m pretty happy with it. 

And all good things work out in the end.

Happy Friday!


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  1. iheartfilm says:

    Some wild contrast in that shot.

    1. Yep. Sure is. I had to overexpose it quite a bit. Believe me, when I said I struggled with what to do with this image, I struggled.

    2. Another thing, I fired the flash when I captured the image. Now, I don’t use the flash unless it’s absolutely necessary.

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