Photo: Woman in Central Park.

I found this photo that I took in Central Park earlier this summer and decided to pull it out and edit it in Lightroom

I took this with my point and shoot camera.

In a lot of ways, I prefer capturing images of the down and out in NYC, especially since we’re constantly bombarded by the idea that everyone here is somehow special or successful or glamorous.

Everyone in NYC isn’t glamorous or successful; there are a lot of people here who are barely hanging on, doing what they can to survive.  I think the contrast is powerful.

When I happened upon this woman in the park, she was emptying her water bottles on a garment in the grass.  Sometimes people do what they have to do to handle their business.  This was one of those times.  And in the background, a taxi was probably whisking a tourist or some self-important New Yorker to his or her destination, oblivious to what really goes on here.

Wake up, people.  Wake up.


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  2. chicnoir says:

    the difference between the woman on the street and the people in the cab is a line of credit.

    1. Amen to that….can I borrow $20? LOL

      1. chicnoir says:


        well I have 40 rolls of pennies if that helps.

      2. Thanks, but I don’t think I can use those on public transportation, though.

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