Photo: Jersey City Heights: Central Avenue Awaits.

Taken November 12, 2010 on Central Avenue, Jersey City

Back in October, I learned through the local media that a couple of new murals had been completed on Central Avenue, the heart of the Jersey City Heights shopping district.  One was by Megan Gulick and the other, photographed above, was by Richard LaRovere.

So I had a really good time snapping these photos, even though I had to haul ass to get to them (wearing my 20lb backpack with my gear, etc.).  That’s okay, because I needed the exercise anyway.

So it hit me as I was editing my photos….Why do the people depicted in the mural look nothing like the people I saw up and down Central Avenue that morning? 

Maybe the people I saw are those that are left behind after all the people who look like the ones in the mural make their way into NYC in the morning to go to work. 

I’m just sayin.

At any rate, go here to see another image I captured of LaRovere’s mural called “Jersey City Heights Represent.”


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