Photo: Jersey City Heights – Faded Royalty.

Taken November 12, 2010 on Central Avenue, Jersey City

Here is another mural I shot while on Central Avenue.  It’s like a billboard advertisement for the shop with the same name.  Go check it out at Congress and Central Avenue.

When I crossed the street to shoot the mural of Goehrig’s Bakery (gotta work on edits), one of the guys who works there was nice enough to talk to me for a minute.

I told him I was just an amateur photographer with an interest in public art around town, and he was nice enough to tell me the name of the artist who was responsible for the Faded Royalty mural. 

His name was…..get this……………………………..Tony

Yep.  Tony.

Is that straight Jersey or what?


Anyway, if anyone sees this and actually knows the name of the artist, let me know.  In the meantime, I’m calling him Tony.

Yo Tony, come ‘ere…I’m talkin’ to you, Tony (in my best Jersey accent).


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  1. MCA says:

    You should post this in the gallery at

    1. I will, thanks!

  2. UPDATE – Will I ever get to meet the guy who painted this mural? I would love to shake his hand.

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