Photo of the Day: My Ode to UGG

I snapped this photo not too long after I got to Philadelphia….so it is among my first for 2011.  I’m really excited about wha’s in store for this photo blog, so I hope you follow along with me for this leg of my journey.

Okay.  I have a love-hate relationship with UGG Australia.  They love to take my money, and I hate to be without my boots.  I’ve been wearing the heck out of the ones pictured above given the crazy weather we’ve been experiencing up here in the Northeast (note to self:  just don’t wear the classic UGGs in 2 feet of snow, unless you like wet feet – I learned that lesson back in 2009 when NYC had that nasty nor’easter with a lovely mix of snow, rain, slush and major inconvenience)…

So this is my little tribute to UGG.  Ya’ll give me happy feet. 

Besides: There’s no better way to kick off 2011 than with an image of my trusty boots.  These boots have logged a lot of miles over the last 18 months.  And they still look pretty good.

By the way, did I say how excited I am about 2011? 

Postscript:  Can someone tell me why the name Tom Brady came up in my list of recommended tags?  What the heck does he have to do with UGGs?


Post postscript:  OHHHHHH…..Apparently Tom Brady is the new face for UGG.  I guess I’ll add his name to my tags.  Why in the heck didn’t they call me first?

Double Ugh. 

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