Respect Your Tools…Protect Your Investment…Clean and Maintain Your DSLR

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How to Clean Your Digital SLR Camera.

I grabbed this link  from my Twitter feed today and decided to take a look-see, in part because I’m nosy, and also because I remembered that I had been looking for tips on how to clean and maintain my Nikon.  Many thanks to the folks over at for this. 

I have to admit, I’ve been wondering how to perform cleaning and maintenance on my Nikon, but was too chicken to ask, and too lazy to go in search for tips.  As usual, good stuff falls in my lap when I least expect it to. Yay for me!

After reading through the post, I can say that what they’re suggesting amount to good, common-sense tips that will ensure that your camera will deliver quality images. I mean, for all the money we spend on these cameras, it would make sense to do some kind of routine cleaning and maintenance on them, right?  You buy or lease a new car, would you not get the oil changed or get it detailed or make sure the tires are balanced? It’s the same principle.

At any rate,  I haven’t done a top-to-bottom cleaning of the trusty Nikon yet, but I think it may be time for one.  *snaps on rubber gloves*

Question to the DSLR owners out there:  How often do you clean your camera(s)?  Does it make a measurable difference in the quality of your images?  Do you use pre-packaged kits  or are you like MacGyver with it?

Speak your piece.


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  1. Amarie says:

    I am ashamed to say, I do not clean mine often enough *slinks away*.

    1. @Amarie
      LOL you’re funny. Join the club. I already noted that I was too lazy to even go and find out how to do it…..I don’t have any excuse whatsoever.

      So the question is – and you’ve been a DSLR owner longer than me – how often are we supposed to clean our equipment, and does it improve the quality of digital images?

      And the other thing is, why don’t you ever hear any of the big-time photography bloggers and blog sites write about this…if it is, in fact, vitally important?

      I dunno, I’m just wondering….

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