The Way I See It Today: Carol Moseley Braun = EPIC FAIL.

Carol Moseley Braun
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Hello my friends,

It’s your friendly, cantankerous, moody and contemplative photographer/social commentator  on a fiercely cold Saturday afternoon, taking up the gauntlet to write a little something something about former US Senator and city of Chicago mayoral candidate, Carol Moseley Braun.  The challenge came as a result of the following:

1.  A post I wrote about the inaugural meeting of the Crispus Attucks Tea Party (the first black Tea Party organized by Anita MonCrief and others down in Houston, Texas) held on January 18th.  In my missive, I dared to suggest that this move by everyday African-Americans, who have grown tired of the same-ol’ same-ol’ okey-doke from the Democrats (primarily) AND the Republicans (yes, they’re guilty of the same, to a lesser extent, so I don’t wanna leave them out), should have both parties pretty concerned as they head into the 2012 presidential election cycle. 

Bottom line:  African-Americans with options elsewhere want intelligent and reasonable options when it comes to politics, as well.  We’re tired of being taken for granted and we’re tired of hearing the same old thing from career politicians. 

2.  And this is what prompted the challenge, I believe.  I was perusing my Facebook feed and came across this, courtesy of The Black Report via reporting by and WBBM Newsradio 780′s Regine Schlesinger.  Frankly, I had forgotten that Senator Moseley Braun had added her name to the mayoral dance card, and was curious to know why she was poking her finger in the eyes of President Bill Clinton and former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, who has also decided to run for mayor of Chicago. 

Basically, her camp put out a statement that amounts to beef with Bill for coming to Chicago and casting his support for Mr. Emanuel.  In one move, according to Ms. Moseley Braun, Bill Clinton has abandoned Black folks who have supported him every step of the way.   Consider this quote: 

“The African-American community stood by Bill Clinton when he had his toughest times, with Monica Lewinsky and other issues,” Braun said, “and for him to parachute into Chicago to support a candidate who probably does not live here is just bad.”


You KNOW I just had to’s what I wrote in response to the Black Report’s post on Facebook:

And why is Carol Moseley Braun running for mayor again?? Maybe if she used this opportunity to self-promote we’d know why. She sounds like a hater, even if what she’s saying is true. Old jedi mind tricks aren’t gonna work on voters in 2011 or 2012.

Not surprisingly, I was not alone….many Facebookers got on to express their disapproval with her comment, many of whom are Chicagoans like me.  

So what conclusion will your average African-American voter draw from this?  Because Bill abandoned me, a Black person living in the city of Chicago, I should vote for Carol? 

That’s it?

I’m not trying to be funny here, but I’m guessing that Ms. Moseley Braun can, if she really wanted to, develop and execute a brilliant strategy and case for support regarding why she, the first African-American female to be elected to the United States Senate, should be mayor of America’s third-largest city

With all of her credentials and experience, she should be ripping her opponents to shreds in the press, not playing the race card.  I mean, if she was able to do it back in the early 90s, she should be able to do it now.  Right?  Apparently not. 

So what do you do, when you’re an African-American candidate for mayor of Chicago and you want to appeal to your base of support?  You play the race card (check), and you go back to da ‘hood and talk about all the violence, bloodshed, unemployment and hopelessness, and what you plan to do about it (check). 

Roll the tape. Let me warn you…this clip is graphic.  If you don’t have a strong stomach, don’t watch.

EEEEEWWWWW!!!  This stinks to high heaven.  Nothing about this clip makes me want to move back home, register to vote and cast my ballot for her.  Nothing.

Why?  Englewood has been hot for yeeeeeeaaars! There’s nothing new to talk about here, Ms. Moseley Braun.   Where was she with all these innovative strategies in 2010? 2009?  2008?  2007? 2006 ? 2005?  2004? 

The Chicago of the early 21st century may have the same problems, Ms. Moseley Braun, I grant you this. But one thing has changed: People are tired of all of you career politicians, parachuting into our communities, lying to us to get our vote, and then chasing the big payout once you get into office.

This is pathetic. 

Go to 4:52 if you will.  Ms. Moseley Braun acknowledges here that she doesn’t know the unemployment rate in Englewood (glass shatters) and that she has to defer to the ministers (glass shatters again).   This is a tacit admission that she doesn’t really know her constituents  and she’s too lazy to care.  Sheeeeeiiiiit…you should be better prepared, my sista.  This is not acceptable.  

Another thing:  Ms. Moseley Braun dodged the bullet back in the 90s regarding that little situation she found herself in with her fiance, but she’s not, I repeat, not going to be able to dodge questions in 2011 about her track record and fitness to steward public resources.  She has her colleagues  in the Congressional Black Caucus to thank for that….a special shout out goes to Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Sanford Bishop for making it all possible.  We’ll see if she has what it takes to go toe-to-toe with Rahm “Rahmbo” Emanuel.   

Bottom line, Ms. Moseley Braun:  You wanna be mayor, you need to come with something better than the same ol’ remixed political vomit that we’ve been force-fed since the Voting Rights Act was passed.  Now is not the time for playing the race card, especially when there is a movement afoot among African-Americans to explore other options that may actually go beyond skin color.

Maybe Ms. MonCrief needs to take a trip to Chicago and mix things up a little bit.  We drink black tea in Chicago, by the way.


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  1. I am so happy to read this. This is the kind of info that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that is at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this beneficial content.

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