Photo of the Day: Out My Window (Watching the Snow Fall Yesterday – AGAIN).


This is my first Out My Window photo for 2011.  As those who have followed along in 2010 will notice, this is a different window with a different view. 

I’ll make do until I get a new window, perhaps in a new place, maybe in a new town, who knows.  I’m a stranger with a camera, remember?  I wander around, looking for vaguely familiar places, people and things to shoot.  I’m good with that.

At any rate, the vista is nothing but snow, snow, snow. I woke up yesterday morning to the sound of snow hitting my window. I opened the blinds, and said, oh snap

I had the tripod set up already, but my camera was in my backpack, so before I mounted the camera, I took this quick shot

Post-processing my photos gives me a chance to come up with brilliant and witty rationalizations to accompany the finished product.  Otherwise, you and I both are left with, “what the heck was she thinking about when she shot this?”

Well, this image, to me, represents the idea that snow has become a familiar companion in the lives of those of us who live on the East Coast.  We notice it, we know it’s there, at least for the time being, in the background, and we’ve kinda gotten used to it.  So we go on with our lives.  It ain’t good, it ain’t entirely bad, it just……..

On another note, this view is depressing.  Wow.

PS – Do you like the larger sized photos? I figured that I would try this format so you wouldn’t have to necessarily click through to the image in its original size to see the detail.

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