Photo of the Day: Woman on a Mission.

Congratulations!  We made it to the last day of what has turned out to be a pretty eventful January.  2011 has gotten off to a pretty interesting start wouldn’t you agree?  I know it has for me. 

At any rate, I hope you all have found this month to be a productive and positive one.  I have a confession to make:  I haven’t been all that pleased with my work output lately. I know it’s cold outside, and it’s the dead of winter and we’ve got like 10,000 feet of snow, but there’s only so many snowy landscapes a person like me wants to take.

So when I went out today to check my PO Box and pick up some items from the supermarket, I took my camera, as I always do.  Upon leaving the post office, I pulled it out, and headed up the street.  As I was walking along, a woman was quickly coming up behind me, and she looked to be pulling something, like a rolling cart or luggage of some kind.  She caught up to me, and in a fit of annoyance, picked up her cart and pushed ahead of me as if to say, hey you, you’re walking too slow, I got places to go. 

Well you know what?  Perhaps I was.  I have a bum ankle, and frankly, I’m learning in all of my pain, to take things much slower.  The grocery store will be there, and I’m not rushing for anyone anymore. 

However, I realized, at that moment, here’s your chance! Before she could speed off, I took a photo:


What’s funny about this situation is that once I got home, I realized that the autofocus toggle switch on my lens had been switched to manual.  As it turned out, this was the only image out of the handful I took today that turned out to be of any use.  Lucky me.

Hoping February turns out to be a lot better than January. Maybe not, since it seems that we’re gonna get hit with more snow this week.


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