Photo of the Day: Heavy Load.

There’s something about a good-looking man carrying a desk, in cold ass weather, wearing no gloves, and making it look easy and effortless, that is so damn attractive.


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  1. Keith Miller says:

    Ha…if I were to agree that would make it kind of weird. But I will say it is comforting to know that we men aren’t afraid to help, to move, and to bear heavy loads. It seems like so many of us are so quick to run from carrying anything these days. I held the door for an older woman the other day and she looked me like I sprouted wings and told her it was her time to go to heaven.

    The real men are still here and we will never be too busy to help a woman, a friend, and anyone else that can appreciate it!!!

    1. You are free to agree or disagree in my house, Keith…you know my rules 🙂 we speak our piece. Now perhaps this elderly lady for whom you held the door she saw heaven when she saw you 😉 because maybe she’s been living in hell for way too long. Some of us just don’t know how to respond when a man extends a helping hand, and some of us are just accustomed to being mistreated. I just felt like taking that picture because they had been moving furniture all afternoon and I like capturing images of people doing stuff, everyday stuff.

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