The Way I See It Today: Valentine’s Day Pain Is Not Complete Without a Voodoo Doll.

Today, I decided to break my “do not post on my blog on the weekend” rule.  I wanted to make an exception to my rule because as you all know, today is the day before Valentine’s Day and everywhere we go, we’re all reminded of this in one way, shape, form or fashion. 

The reality is, some of us may get lucky tomorrow, while others among us, may not.  Some of us may have already gotten lucky this weekend. Frankly, I don’t care to know.

At any rate, since I am your friendly thick chick with the click click (Hi Mark), I love pictures, especially those that have something unusual and offbeat to say.  And in the spirit of the true meaning of Valentine’s Day (yes, Valentine’s Day wasn’t a day for chocolate and romance, people), I came across, and wanted to share, this little piece of visual humor.

The above masterpiece is courtesy of a website I came across called PostSecret

This, my friends, is what happens to broken hearts once they realize that there will be no romantic Hallmark cards, no chocolates, no roses, no teddy bears, no bling, no lingerie, no hotsexonaplatter or no happy endings involving hot oil and satin sheets with a hot girl or hot guy.  

This is the place where folks go when they realize that there is no chance in hell that they will be boo’ed up today, tomorrow or anytime soon.  It’s a dark place, illuminated by brutal and sadistic visions of pain, revenge and utter destruction.

Let’s review:

  1. Former Congressman Christopher Lee:  He probably feels a little bit pissed off right about now and is wondering where he might be able to get himself a custom-made doll.  Damn Craigslist.  His wife may need one of these as well.  Perhaps she’s already put in her order.
  2. Mary Harvey, the second (and hopefully the last) ex-wife of Steve Harvey, is probably is feeling like sticking a few pins in a Steve Harvey doll of her own.  Damn YouTube and damn that gag order.
  3. And let’s not forget Halle Berry.  Now I’m sure she has a few of these (remember David Justice? Wesley Snipes) and some sharp tacks hidden away in her dresser or chest of drawers.  Her latest relationship disaster resulted in her not only getting passed over by Kim Kardashian, but now she’s embroiled in a bitter custody battle for her daughter.  She may need to add a new voodoo doll to her collection.

At any rate, Happy Valentine’s Day! 


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