Photo of The Day: Steps to Chelten Ave. Train Station


It’s been about a week or so since I last posted, and I’m glad to be back this week with some new images.  

This past weekend, I went out and shot these and the others that I will be posting this week both here and on my Facebook fan page.

When I got home and took a closer look at what I captured, I realized that two clear themes began to emerge, namely, human isolation and urban decay.  It’s interesting because I believe that one cannot exist without the other.  When we as people are not connected to one another in a meaningful way, it becomes easier to turn our backs on the environment that serves as a backdrop for our everyday interactions with one another.  

Parks that were once filled with mothers and playing children, now stand empty, rusted out, almost too dangerous in far too many cases.

Business that were once thriving pockets of economic progress, are now shuttered, lost, gaping wounds in communities desperate for a lifeline.

Schools that look like correctional facilities…where we are preparing our children for lives on the street rather than lives of purpose and meaning….it’s a damn shame.

Who’s left behind?  Who cares about these people?

So I was thinking  about these things, and the relationship between human isolation and urban decay, and concluded that one will inevitably follow from the other, and then, one day, we look up, and see communities shell-shocked, neglected, abandoned, vacant, dilapidated, rundown, etc…. and people left behind, trying to navigate a world that for all intents and purposes, is quite depressing.

How do communities get to this place?  Well, we have people ostensibly running away from what they claim to be neighborhoods that just aren’t safe, etc.,

…but honestly, really, when you probe deeper, these people are running away from themselves and their fear of the “other” and their reticence to really reach out and try to understand others who are, on the surface, different from them, but deep down, more similar than they will ever realize.  When will we realize that we can only run from ourselves for so long?

It’s a sin and a shame. 

When we isolate ourselves from ourselves, our fears, and our misconceptions about others, we chip away at the glue that holds our communities together. And when our communities fall apart, we have no one to blame but ourselves. 

At any rate, this is all I’m going to say about this phenomenon.  Like I said, I’ll be posting here, and on my Facebook fan page.

As always, I appreciate your comments and feedback.

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