Photo of the Day: Contemplation.

I thought I wouldn’t really have much to say about this one, other than the fact that I was going to disregard it in my post-processing workflow. 

Then I took a second and closer look at it and realized that it was very much in line with this week’s theme of human isolation.  Let me explain.

Looking at this photo got me to thinking about how demoralizing it is to be in a country where you work hard, and play by the rules, and you’re still considered not good enough.  You’re asked to do more and more with less, and you’re expected to behave like a majority group (read assimilate) that clearly doesn’t want your kind around.

How isolating and discouraging can that be to someone who was led to believe that the game was supposed to be played one way, only to learn that those rules only apply to a certain small segment of society? 

So as I was looking at this image, I saw the sunlight beaming down, casting shadows on this man’s profile, as emblematic of the aha moment (or the Road to Damascus moment for those of you who are Christian) many of us experience.  It’s the moment when you realize that everything you’ve been taught, everything you’ve been led to believe, is a lie, and that there are no rewards for you despite your compliance.

And it’s a moment that forces us to choose which path we will take from that point forward.  Do you walk alone, knowing that you have a certain amount of knowledge, wisdom and understanding that sets you apart from the masses?  Or, do you continue to walk along a path that is rigged, that is clearly not meant to benefit everyone, but only a few?

I’m glad I decided to keep this image.


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