Photo of the Day: He Ran Out of Chalk (At 3).

Determined to shake off the isolation and decay-induced blues from last week’s photowalk, I was pleased to have a chance to go outdoors, take some new photos, interact with Philadelphia’s finest, and enjoy the crisp spring air and bright sunshine.

I came across some men and young girls in Vernon Park, and the man was having a bit of trouble sketching a hopscotch grid on the sidewalk. Seeing this as an opportunity to take a few candid shots, I walked him through the process of drawing the boxes with the numbers.  He seemed pretty adamant about doing it right, so I tried to be very patient with him.

Well, after he finished writing the number three on the ground, he announced that he ran out of sidewalk chalk


So at the point, there was really no need for me to stay. Someone else walked up, and they began a pretty animated conversation about who was going to get the chalk. Since that wasn’t going to be me, I left.  

But when I came back around a little while later, the group was gone.  But guess what? I guess he found some chalk and finished the grid!  I would have gotten my hopscotch on, but alas, my ankle just wasn’t cooperating. 

The only question I had from that encounter was this: When did men start involving themselves in childhood girly games like hopscotch?  Did I miss something??

Visit my Facebook Fan page to check out more of my hopscotch photos and tell me if you played hopscotch as a kid.


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