Photo of the Day: Dennis.

Taken July 13, 2011 in Philadelphia, PA

This image of Dennis is part of my Portraits of Philadelphia series. Backstory:  I met this gregarious and charming gentleman on my way to the library.  He noticed me carrying my camera and struck up a conversation with me by asking me if I was a photographer.  Of course, I told him I was…..and instantly knew that I wanted to photograph him.  I agreed to chat with him if he allowed me to take his photo.

Turns out, he had a pretty compelling life story of how he turned his life around to become a counselor of ex-felons.  As I stood there for about an hour speaking to him, I noticed how many people he knew…passersby in cars, trucks, etc., waved at him as they drove by….those on foot happily acknowledged his greetings with a smile and a wave.

What’s profoundly apparent about this project is that there are so many fascinating people walking the streets of Philadelphia who go under the radar.  My mission is to try to touch as many of these people as I can.  If you are following along and know someone who would be interested in being a part of this project, please have them contact me here.

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