Photo of the Day: Meet Toya (No, Not *That* Toya).

Taken August 17, 2011 in Philadelphia, PA

I’m pleased to share with you the latest installment of my Portraits of Philadelphia:  Camera Therapy series.  I met Toya as we were waiting for the 23 Bus to pick us up in north Philadelphia ( I was on my way back home, and I’m sure she probably was, too).  She was looking round with child (seven months to be exact) and quite uncomfortable with the idea of having to stand and wait for the bus, and so I took a chance and asked her to take her picture.

I only snapped one photo, the one you see above.  I showed it to her and she said she looked very pregnant, and we both laughed.  The bus finally showed up and of course, no one cared to step aside and let a heavily pregnant woman on the bus first….

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  1. Tell Toya she is beautiful! Good Luck with Baby. Bless!

    1. Natrodisiac says:

      I like the short story…I like the pic with the story concept…i like the clarity of your shot…i like the lines in her face under her eyes. She seems like a survior in the world she lives in, if only by the stylish hair and arched eye brows were the only clues. The smirk or half smile seems to press through the seriousness she faces everyday. The hairbow reminds us that she is still as sweet as the day she was born which leads me back to the eyes that stare at you in wonderment of how strangely unique you must be to want a picture of her.

      lol…your picture did that to me! good job. have a good day.

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