Why Have I Not Heard From You? What Are You Waiting For?

Another earthquake?  Another hurricane? LOL

Anyway, yesterday I wrote a blog post asking for your help in selecting one of four photos to submit to a street photography contest this coming Friday.   That would be the day after tomorrow….September 2, 2011….

After I posted, I got a lot of good feedback right away, which was really nice.  To those of you who took the time to comment on the blog, on my Facebook Page, or via Twitter, thank you so much!  You are the best and I really appreciate your input.

To those of you who are procrastinating or just being obstinate, well…. let’s just say, what’s up with that?  I thought we were cool!

It will only take you about 5 minutes to look at each photo and tell/tweet me which one you like the best.   That’s all.  Nothing more.

Anyway, here’s where we stand with the four photos, in ranking order, most to least preferred:

Most preferred:

Man, She's Not Impressed. Taken June 29, 2010 in NYC.

If you don’t like “Man, She’s Not Impressed,” register your comment by choosing from one of the other three images below, which are all tied for 2nd place… go figure:

Chicken Head. Taken June 19, 2010 in NYC

Yes, I called the above image “Chicken Head.” I took this at the 2010 Mermaid Parade in Coney Island.  She was wearing a KFC bucket on her head  and chatting away with her friend, totally oblivious to everything going on around her.  Appropriate?  Yes.  I think so.

Respect His Manhood. Taken September 27, 2010 in Jersey City, NJ

One of my favorites is the above image, “Respect His Manhood” which I shot on the streets of Jersey City, NJ last year.  A man who has the guts to use a frog umbrella in the rain without blinking an eye gets my respect.

Lovers In Their Own World. Taken June 29, 2010 in NYC.

Finally, I was going to go with “Lovers In Their Own World” (originally titled “Lovers Embrace Among the Chaos”) because I think it embodies what street photography is all about.  In the midst of all of the chaos in the heart of midtown Manhattan, in a city notorious for its anti-commitment, love em’ and leave ’em sentiment, I captured this couple, holding one another in a tight embrace, oblivious to the madness.  They didn’t wait, they found each other, held on to one another, bags and all.  Believe me, that’s a feat unto itself (those of you New Yorkers can relate to what I’m saying).

Anyway, I don’t want to unduly influence you.  I want to know what you think. Hit me up on Twitter, Facebook or here in the comments.  Thank you and peace.


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