Channeling Muhammad “The Greatest” Ali.

Last week, while shooting Occupy Philly images at Philadelphia’s City Hall, I shared my business card with an older man with whom I had been engaged in deep conversation about Philadelphia’s storied past.  He was part of a contingent of anti-war protesters who were there to protest the US’ occupation of Afghanistan, etc.

He took a look at my business card and asked me the story behind the below image that I chose for it.  I told him the story behind this and the other images I took that day.

Surprise! Taken April 30, 2011 in Philadelphia (part of the Fabulous Seven of Lovett Memorial Library photo set)

He paused for a second…looked at me, then at the card, and then back at me.

And then he said (and I’m paraphrasing here) that my image reminded him of a picture of Cassius Clay (now Muhammad Ali).  We went back and forth about the circumstances behind his name change, etc….and then, I responded by saying really, I guess this young man was channeling the energy and intensity of “The Greatest” without really knowing it.  I’m sure he probably wasn’t aware of this, and neither had I, I remarked.

So, this older gentleman whom I met at Occupy Philly told me to “google images of  Cassius Clay” and of course, I did, because I wanted to see what this older guy was talking about.  Lo and behold, I found this:

Muhammad Ali. Getty Images (circa 1964). Accessed October 19, 2011 from

It’s a cool thing when your photos get folks to make connections like this.

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  1. Imani Aisha says:

    Indeed, such a cool connection. Conversations with strangers is kewl 😉 sometimes…you just might learn something if your ears & heart are open.

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