Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due.

As I was aimlessly working my way through my Google Reader items this afternoon, I came across this:  The backstory for the mural that served as the inspiration for the below photo, which I shot in February 2011 at night and processed it in black and white.  I originally posted it to my Flickr photo stream.

Peace and Light. Taken February 11, 2011 in Philadelphia, PA


It is a beautiful, intricately textured and nuanced and highly symbolic mural entitled “Walking Together” by artists Paul Downie and David Woods and is a testament to the power of people of different walks of life coming together to work as partners.

It was commissioned back in 2009 by the Neighborhood Interfaith Movement in partnership with the Philadelphia Mural Arts project.  And, it is located in Mt. Airy, on the side of the Neighborhood Interfaith Movement building at 7047 Germantown Avenue.  Most importantly, this mural is absolutely stunning in color.  Go check it out.

Peace and blessings.


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