Photo of the Day: Through a Boy’s Eyes (NYC Part 2).

Through a Boy's Eyes (NYC part 2). Taken November 2, 2011 on a bus to NYC.

I shot this on the bus headed to NYC for a photo shoot with the incomparable Osiris Wildfire.  We had a really fun time shooting on the streets of lower Manhattan, by the way.  I’ll be posting up highlights from that shoot real soon.

So I was sitting in the seat behind this delightful little boy and marveling at how intensely he was looking out the window, silently soaking in all of the sights of the journey from Philadelphia through NJ to NYC.  I captured a bunch of images, but this and two others were my absolute favorites.

Here is the first image of the series:  Part one

Here is the third image of the series:  Part three








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  1. Leif says:

    I like this one.

    1. Thanks Leif, and thanks for stopping by my blog! Don’t be a stranger!

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