PHOTO OF THE DAY: Scales in Sync (Project 52, Week 2).

Scales In Sync. Taken January 7, 2012 in Philadelphia, PA.

I shot this at the Italian Market in south Philly over the weekend.  I really love the diverse, historic, organic, chaotic,  “real people” vibe of this marketplace.  In a lot of ways, it reminds me of the Maxwell Street Market  back home in Chicago, only more intimate.

The scales, which represent balance and harmony, offer an interesting juxtaposition to the overall scene.  Interestingly enough, they were all at zero, just waiting to be filled up…with fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, etc.  People were milling around, shopping, interacting, acquiring all of the things that are good for the body, all of the things that give us the physical energy and fuel to get through these bleak (?) winter days.

So, as I was editing this photo, I thought that it was an apt metaphor for the human condition.  Sometimes in life, we get to zero, and we need to be filled up with something.  As the saying goes, nature abhors a vacuum.  The trick then, is to then fill ourselves up spiritually as well as physically.  I’m not trying to get metaphysical or mystical in this post, but I think that we should give a lot of thought to these questions, especially given the uncertain times in which we live.

As for the Italian Market, I’m really looking forward to returning to take more photographs, particularly as the winter months give way to spring and summer.

Peace and blessings,


Week #2 Project 52 - 2012

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  1. Amarie says:

    Love the photo AND the metaphor! I wish I could find something like that in NY, Thanks for linking up, Sis!

    1. No problem sis. With all the farmer’s markets in NYC…I’m sure you can find something like this! I plan on coming up there next month, btw. We have to hook up and go out on that photowalk we’ve been talking about for a while now!

  2. Natrodisiac says:

    the metaphor added a whole new dimension to the scales. I like your angle also. the weight of the image is best told through the eyes of the I wish we had farmer’s markets here in Memphis that were more interactive. Our agriculture center is more commercialized meaning that it is not on the street side but planned and under one roof. It’s also non-chaotic and doesn’t have the feel of one culture there which adds to the flavor of a farmer’s market. nice shot.

    1. thank you @Natrodisiac.

  3. Kathy says:

    Love the angle this was shot at and the way the lighting hits the scale…fabulous.

    1. Thank you Kathy, and thanks for stopping by my photo blog to check me out! Looking forward to more Project 52 sharing.

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