Jamie (at the 7-Eleven). Taken February 1 2012 in Pittsburgh PA

You know I couldn’t resist the urge to capture a candid portrait or two while I was away.  It’s my passion!

Meet Jamie…She was the friendly clerk at the 7-Eleven near the train station that would whisk me and my friend to downtown Pittsburgh so I could catch my chariot back to Philly.

Of course, I had my camera, and she noticed it and said how nice she thought it was.  I said thank you and of course asked her if I could take a photo of her.  She balked and balked and then of course, changed her mind.  Once she finished ringing up our items, she decided to channel her inner rock star for the camera.  It’s always the ones who protest the loudest about having their picture taken who shine the brightest!

Love it!

I really enjoyed Pittsburgh.  I definitely plan on returning real soon to continue my “Caught on Pittsburgh’s Streets” series.  You can see the entire set here on my Facebook Page, or here on my Flickr page.

Peace and blessings!


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