Wanted to share this excellent piece from a college classmate of mine…

Northside Chip's Corner

I’m a child of God,  made in his image.

But everyday of my life is a line of scrimmage.

The uniform I have makes me an object.

Of subjective scorn and suspect.

Mohagany skin. It’s who I am.


Zimmerman got jumpy, just a little.

Who’s afraid of a bag of Skittles.

But it could happen in Omaha

or happen in New Haven.

Black blood is what they craving.

Zombies of bias with supremacist blood lust.

Justice System? Yeah, it’s just-US

My college degree can’t shield me.

From the racial brutality.

Body Broke in Disbelief

Could You not yell so loud? Or raise your voice when you speak?

Gosh, why are you so angry? Why speachify?

I thought you were a good colored guy.

Not like the rest of them, who cough up dismay like so much phelgm.

But do you know in the summer of my eighth…

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