Check this poem out from my friend Keith. #talented #gifted #celebratecreativity

cc:me, Keith


Empty Merry-Go-Rounds

Bunk the technicalities. Bunk what you heard.
I’m trying to hold it in, but it’s got to be heard.
Crippled with silence, and broken with pain.
Another one of our children now lays slain.
With evidence competing against what neighbors “saw”
If the shoes were flipped, they would stand by the law.
No questions, no raised hands.
No excuses if it were a white man.
Race card thrown? Huh? You speak with conviction?
Tears streaming down my face, here’s my benediction…
Stop the pain and stop the hate, for everyone’s sake.
Or we’ll wake up at each others throats and who knows what lives we all will take.
Washing the blood out of white sheets, washing the blood out of white sheets. Washing the blood who could he be?
Who would be washing the blood if it were me?
I sit in disbelief. He was me, he was…

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