Caption This Photo Contest: An Update.

How would you caption this photo?  I have no idea.  Taken April 26 2012 in Philadelphia PA

So it’s been exactly a month since I introduced the first “CAPTION THIS PHOTO” challenge to my readers and followers of this blog.

I got a pretty good set of comments both here on the blog and over at the PWTP Facebook page, so I wanted to double back and share with you the suggestions.

Just in case you were wondering, No…I didn’t forget 🙂

At any rate, what I need for you, my readers, to do at this stage of the game,  is vote for the best caption, either here or over on Facebook, no later than June 15th.  Leave a comment either here, or over on Facebook, noting which of the captions you like the best.

Here’s the twist (there’s always a twist):

For your vote to count, you must be either a fan of my Facebook page or a blog follower (don’t worry, I have ways of checking this out).   Otherwise your vote won’t be counted.  😦

So, without further delay, here are the caption suggestions:

  1. Fatima wrote:  Maybe “Left In the Cold” or “Cold Feet” ?
  2. Cheryl, over on Facebook, wrote:  “From glass slippers to cozy slippers, Cinderella tends to lose all kinds of footwear.”
  3. Malik, over on Facebook, wrote:  They say we should take steps to leave our worries at the feet of the Lord not the foot of the steps.”  
  4. He also asked, “If lost in pairs do comfy shoes end up in the dimensional rift with unmatched socks, mittens and Vice Presidential candidates?”  I’m not sure if I should count this as two suggestions or not….
  5. Wendy, over at my personal FB page, wrote:  “No Shoes required for this service.” (BTW this is my personal favorite!!!)

The winner with the most valid votes will win an 8 X 10 print from my collection of photography.

So, here’s a suggestion to those of you who contributed caption suggestions:  If you are really motivated to win, perhaps you can steer new traffic to my blog and/or to my Facebook page and get your friends to vote for your caption.  The more votes the better.

By the way:  This challenge is closed to new caption suggestions, but I will be issuing a June challenge real soon.   I hope you stay tuned.

Peace and blessings!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kristina Perczyk Photography says:

    I like the short and to the point caption like the first one:” Left it in the cold” the image is quite cold and it matches one of the first captions. That is my opinion 🙂 Hope it helps.

    1. Thanks Kristina! 🙂

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