Taken June 15, 2012 in Philadelphia, PA

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  1. Is there a story behind this one – one guy looks as if he came prepared with his chair, while the other has ‘borrowed’ his anticipating a long wait.

    1. Hi Stephen, great question. There’s not really a story about these two subjects per se, but it is a commentary about this community and people like him who congregate in non-sanctioned meeting areas, i.e., storefronts, etc. Sometimes men like him will sit all day on a crate, on the stoop, etc. I’ve made quite a few images like this in my street photography series entitled “Portraits of Philadelphia.”

      1. I suppose if they have nothing better to do or money to do it, all they can do is watch the world go by….

      2. I think that’s part of the story but not all of the story…I also believe that it’s a cultural thing. I’ve seen this phenomenon in a number of urban centers in the US. I think they serve a pretty useful purpose. They are the eyes and ears of the neighborhood and have access to a lot of information.

      3. An interesting insight, thanks.

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