SLIDESHOW: PWTP Pays a Visit to A Mural Dedication Ceremony in Germantown.

Late yesterday afternoon, this fearless blogger and her trusty camera attended a really neat mural dedication ceremony in Germantown.

The mural, entitled “Healing Through Faith & Spirituality,” is the product of a long-standing collaboration between the City of Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program and the City of Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disABILITY Services.  It was created to celebrate the role that faith and spirituality can play in strengthening communities.

Consider this quote:

“80 percent of the world’s population believes in a power greater than themselves and calls upon that power for healing. 

It seems counterintuitive to not pay attention to that indigenous resource when promoting recovery and resilience in people  with behavioral health challenges, their families and their communities.

The mural illustrates that there are many ways to celebrate faith and spirituality, and all of them are valid and authentic to the individual and to the communities in which the celebrations occur.”

Created by Joe Brenman (who was assisted by Josh Smith and Henry Bermudez), the mural is a stunning addition to the neighborhood.  Among those who spoke at the event was Councilwoman Cindy Bass and Mural Arts Program executive director Jane Golden.

The mural occupies the south wall of the LaRose Club at 5531 Germantown Avenue.  By the way, the LaRose Club was the site for the lovely reception that was held after the ceremony.  It was my first time actually going inside.  I had heard a lot about it, but had never been there before yesterday.  It’s a wonderful destination for jazz lovers and musicians (both local and out of town to perform.  There are photos of musicians and patrons from throughout the years all over the walls, and I could tell immediately that this is a place full of love and positive energy.  In short, I  must say that I was completely blown away by the space, the people and the hospitality.   I will definitely be back to check out a jazz set.

I also want to to give a shout out to Omomola Iyabunmi and the Women’s Sekere Ensemble, which performed at the event.

Check out the slideshow, and if you have time, get over to the mural and check it out!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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